Connected Secrets

The Book That Is Changing Business Forever

Simon Rowell is the Co-Founder of Findaa Technology, an advanced IoT solution provider. He has worked in the technology and data sectors for many years.

Connected Secrets is the book that will show you how to improve your business, reduce costs, increase revenues, and increase sustainability all using the Internet Of Things (IoT) technology. 

If you manage, manufacture, or sell physical items then this book will provide you with a blueprint to make your business or organisation better. This is a practical book intended for decision makers with little or no understanding of technology or are unsure how it can help them. This is digital transformation for beginners!

It also doesn't matter what sector you work in, whether it be supply chains, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, industry, or even financial services. Connected Secrets will provide a guide to improving your business with the Internet of Things.

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